"Come, come, w        Thoever you are. Wanderer, worshipper, lover of living, it doesn't matter
Ours is not a caravan of despair. Come even if you have broken your vow a thousand times" Rumi

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Welcome to Time to Be You.  

Your Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual Psychology and You 

Play and Art Therapy- I am a psychologist with a deep-rooted interest in helping children and  adolescents who are struggling with academic, social skills, emotional and behavioral issues. I use play and art therapy to help your child learn to understand and verbalize his/her inner emotional and mental world. My aim is to help you and your child to get along better and communicate more effectively.

Adult PsychotherapyI work with individuals  who may be experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety or just living with thoughts, emotions and behaviors that are making them feel out of balance, and stuck.

Couples/Family Psychotherapy- I help couples and families to form secure and lasting bonds, increase connection, healthy positive communication and intimacy.

Here Are Some Reasons To Call Me:

1.Your child is struggling academically or acting out at school.  You are feeling at a loss because your child's worries and fears are limiting his/her life experiences and involvement in social and academic activities. You feel overwhelmed, because it seems no matter what you do, your child constantly worries and becomes stuck in a cycle of worry.
Your teen seems to be easily frustrated, angry, defiant and tending to isolate from the family.
Your child/adolescent's behaviors and actions are their way of trying to figure out and communicate their confusing feeling. Children and adolescents are constantly trying to process their environment, and their place in this ever-changing environment. They each have their own way of processing and communicating changes such as growth, loss, death, family break-ups, or even new people joining the family. They may do this by going quiet and removed or by becoming angry and defiant.
I use Art and Play Therapy to help your young child or adolescent navigate their internal world, and learn to recognize and understand their thoughts and feelings, and find healthier ways of communicating their feelings and problem solve.

2. You feel as though you are at a loss or feeling like a failure as a parent. It feels as though no matter how much you try to understand and help your child, you keep pushing them further away.
I help you tap into your inner knowledge and skills to feel more confident as a parent.
I help you discover what you are doing really well already, and then I empower you by teaching you new ways of looking at each situation and add to your toolbox of awesome skills to help you and your child have a better and more fulfilling experience.

3. Unprocessed childhood trauma is interfering with your life. You feel stuck, unable to stop repeating unhealthy patterns; lacking joy and satisfaction in your everyday activities; and, or struggling to have fulfilling relationships. Together we will discover and repair the roots of these struggles.

4. You feel disconnected as a couples: Life’s stresses, finances, or parenting may are getting in the way of you enjoying a connected and loving relationship. I work collaboratively with you and your partner to help steer your relationship in a more loving and joyful direction.

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